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Journey into wine with food

Being the wine expert on Carolina Cooking has become one of the most interesting chapters of my life. Having spent most of my life as an analytical chemist dealing with computers and chemicals, I never dreamt at some point I would be found in front of a TV camera talking about wine.  What exactly is […]

What is Carolina Cooking?

Every day on Carolina Cooking is unique, in both the challenges and in the people I meet.  I never know what we are going to do.  I never know what I am going to say.  I never know if my friends at the fire department are going to be called. At the end of every day on the […]

Welcome to Carolina Cooking

“What do you do?” someone asks.   “Oh, I’m the Host of a cooking show, Carolina Cooking.” “Oh, so you’re a chef?” “Heck no.  I’m just a guy.  A regular guy.” We bring the best Chef’s in the Carolinas to teach me how to make their secret recipes.   I mean I can boil water, but I have never made a […]